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Beaverton Membership League

Membership Drive

There are 4 teams

There will be 9 weeks of league play beginning March 6th in which teams will compete head to head; the winner is determined by the team with the higher score.  In the event of a tie, in head to head competition, it will be broken by the following procedure:

  • 1st – total guests brought for the team
  • 2nd – total tips given for the team
  • 3rd – one player will be randomly drawn from each team.  They will be scored head to head according to the tiebreakers 1 and 2
  • 4th – coin toss

If there is a tie at the end of league play, the tie breaker will be decided by head to head record.  If there is a 3 way tie, it will be decided first by head to head record and 2nd by total points at the end of league play.

League play will be followed by 2 rounds of playoffs.  The first round of playoffs will be a one week competition features the 1 seed and 2 seed vs. 3 seed according to final standings at the end of league play.  The two winners will then play each other in a 2 week championship round with the winners being crowned the Beaverton Membership League Champion .

Every team MUST consist of at least one white badge member and one board member.

If you have an alternate come to a meeting for you, the alternate counts as if you are there.  For example, if your alternate brings a guest, you get the points.  If the alternate is late, your team will be deducted points, and so on.

A guest must meet the “Qualified Guest” standards of the group in order to count for points.

Any new member that joins will be on the sponsor’s team.


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