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LeTip of Beaverton – “Just Keep Talking” Contest

$$$ Cash Money, Dollars In Your Pocket just for Talking $$$

1st of the 5 reasons we join LeTip is dollars in your pocket, and now here is your chance for more dollars – cash money!

Grand Dollar Prize$ For the Top Outside Tippers

$75, $50, $25….Win up to $150

For the months of October and November we will be running an outside tipping contest to increase dollars in your pocket in one of two ways:

  1. Increase the outside tips you give and receive.
  2. Cash dollars in your pocket from winning one of three grand prizes.

Keep Talking Up Outside Tips For CASH

Here’s how to win…

To qualify to win you must give a minimum of 4 outside tips each month per month during the contest. And all tips must be entered by you

on LeTipWired.com

Rules for Winning BIG – The four outside tips is just the beginning and earns you your first raffle ticket, you can earn more raffle tickets by more outside tips, tipping the speaker and tipping the wild card of the week. Additional raffle tickets will be given only if you reach (as if thats a question right?) once you’ve earned your 1st ticket

Here’s how to play and win your raffle tickets-

  • 1. 4 Outside Tips each month = 1 raffle ticket
  • 2. Each outside tip in addition to the 4 outside tips = 1 raffle ticket (i.e., 5 tips= 2 raffle tickets, 6 tips=3 tickets)
  • 3. A tip to the speaker for the week they speak = 2 raffle tickets (So if 1 of the 4 tip minimum is a speaker, let us know, we want to give you more raffle tickets)….You’ll have from that Tuesday up until the night before the next meeting to pass them a tip.
  • 4. Wild Card of the week = 3 raffle tickets (Wild cards are random members announced mid week and give you the most opportunity to win big)
  • 5. All tips must be passed on LeTipWired.com by the member passing the tips.
  • 6. It’s unlikely to not make your 4 outside minimum tip mark, but if that happens you get to pay $5 to the banker every month you don’t meet your 4 outside tip minimum.

Your not in this contest alone, you will have tools and resources to enable your chances of tipping and winning big – see a tipping committee member for support.

Key Factors To Outside Tipping Success!!!

Talk About Your Inside Tips To Others...

Talk More About Your Chapter Outside Your Normal Routines...

Train Your Chapter Better...

Ask For The Tip...

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